11” arms to 12.5” arms to now 13.5” arms. After almost 4 years, beating Lyme disease and anorexia, finding what I love, challenging myself on the daily, a bodybuilding show, and dealing with normal life in the offseason. I am finally me again. The strong independent woman I was always meant to be. #tbt Nothing comes easy, so sometimes you have to fight for it. Recovery is worth it. Always.

my butt
before and after

uwillturn submitted:
-Height : 1m65 (5ft4) -Weight in both before & after : 98kg (216lbs) before / 59kg (130lbs) now-How long did it take you ? I don’t know exatly when I started losing weight but I stopped and started again so it wouldn’t be helpful anyway ! -Diet and exercise strategy? At first I literally starved myself but I regained 25 lbs when I stopped so that’s not the best way to lose weight, not to mention the bad mood, the lack of energy and eating disorders. 
After my exams I decided to lose those extra 25 pounds to begin with but in a totally different way than I did before. I eat healthier (I’m vegetarian), I exercise a little bit and I try to go to the gym 4 times a week. I’m not at my goal yet but I feel much better, more confident, stronger and I understood that like many people say, there is no secret to losing weight : eat clean and exercise with a positive attitude, that’s the key. 

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